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Academic Year 2021

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    BIT Level III (Semester 5 and Semester 6) Results Released

    by Admin User -

    Examination results of BIT Level III (Semester 5 and Semester 6) were released.
    Students can now check their Level III (Year 3) results through the following link:

    Please use your BIT index number and NIC as the password to access the results page.

    Asst. Registrar /Examinations

    Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) 2020 Status

    by Admin User -

    The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) status of the BIT Degree Programme is now updated.
    Please use the following link to view your status.
    Those who are eligible for the BIT can see the following message under Academic Year 3.

    Status: BIT(2020)
    *Status field indicates whether you are eligible to obtain BIT only. If the status field
    is blank, it indicates that you have not yet achieved the required qualification for BIT.

    If you have any concerns, please send an email to the Academic Coordinator- BIT ( with the subject “BIT 2020 Status Inquiry” on or before 4th October 2021.
    The email query should consist of the following information.

    Name of the Student:
    Index No:
    Registration No:
    Telephone No:

    Any email query sent after the stated deadline will not be taken into consideration.

    Asst. Registrar / Examinations


    by Admin User -


    Students who have registered in the academic years 2000-2019 (2000-2019 intakes) of the BIT degree programme and repeating the following courses will be given a repeat examination paper in the relevant semester in the academic year 2021.
    IT2405 - Systems Analysis and Design (a repeat examination paper in Semester 2)
    • IT3205 – Fundamentals of Software Engineering (a repeat examination paper in Semester 3)
    • IT 3305 – Mathematics for Computing II (a repeat examination paper in Semester 3)

    You are requested to apply for LMS access separately to these courses as only the requested students will be given access to the relevant course in the VLE.

    Please fill the below given form correctly and submit on or before 19th of September 2021.

    Please keep in mind that you will not be granted access to the courses until you specifically request it. You will be held accountable for the consequences if you do not apply VLE access to the above courses before the deadline.

    Click here for the request form

    AR / EDC

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