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Rescheduling of BIT Registration Interviews.

Rescheduling of BIT Registration Interviews.

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Applicants who were unable to attend their BIT registration interviews can now reschedule their appointments. If your name appears in the accompanying document, you may request one (1) additional rescheduled interview before the BIT enrollment procedure for the academic year 2021 closes. Please complete the Google form linked here with your application details by 2:00 p.m. on 9th July 2021.

  • The interview will be an online interview. Rescheduled dates and time allocations will be emailed to you in advance.
  • Please note that this will be the last opportunity to reschedule your interview, and no further extensions will be granted.
  • Suppose you fail to apply for this opportunity within the given time. In that case, it will be regarded as you do not wish to continue the registration for the BIT degree programme, and hence your application will be canceled.

For any clarification in this regard, please contact the undersigned.

Assistant Registrar,
External Degrees Centre,
University of Colombo School of Computing,
No. 35, Reid Avenue,
Colombo 00700.

Tele : 011-2581245/7
011-4720511, 512, 513
Fax : 011- 2587239
Web site: