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semester 1 online examination

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semester 1 online examination
by Admin User - Thursday, 2 July 2020, 10:35 AM

Dear students,

We have now completed the delivery of Semester 1 courses. However, Semester 1 courses will remain active until Semester 1 examinations are conducted. So, you can refer to the learning materials in Semester 1 courses while you are studying for Semester 2.

Please note that online examinations of Semester 1 are not over yet. So, while you continue to study Semester 2 courses, you will have to do the Semester 1 assignments. You will be given plenty of time to complete the assignments. The exact assignment deadlines will be published later in the VLE and will also be notified via Announcement forums in the relevant courses.

An online assessment will be there in EN1106 Introductory Mathematics course. Those who expect to apply for the examination of this course will get access to the assessment, 2 weeks before the examination. The deadline will be set 2 weeks after the examination. The exact deadline for this assessment will also be announced later via Announcement Forum in the VLE.

So, do not forget to check the Semester 1 announcement forum of the relevant course for more updated news regarding online examinations.

Your facilitators