Frequently Asked Questions

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1). How can I find required main reading books for a course?

The required reading books have been mentioned in the syllabus. You can find the syllabus at the top of the course page.


2). How can I find past papers?

You can download all the past papers (new and old syllabus) from the Past Papers Course.


3). How can I find solutions for past papers which are in VLE (LMS)?

Answers for past papers are also published in the same Past Papers Course.


4). Are practice quiz marks considered for assignments?

No. Practice quiz marks are not considered for calculating assignment marks or final result.
By answering the practice quizzes after referring a lesson, you can decide, whether you have understood the lesson properly or not.


5). What is the benefit of using forums for my studies?

Discussion forums are very helpful for your studies. You may post the reflections and findings related to the topic while commenting on others’ posts. It will help you to understand and remember the course concepts thoroughly. This will make you succeed at the examination.


6). Where can I find the necessary information about BIT exam application forms, payments, time tables, results, etc.

All such information will be published in BIT website. Please check BIT website. Some useful links: Announcements, BIT Results


7). I am already registered for Level II or III. Do I have to re-register for Level I or II to repeat courses from that Level (s)?

No, you do not want to register again. But when you register, you should indicate the required repeating courses that you need VLE access.


8). Do you consider VLE (LMS) assignment marks for the GPA?

No, assignment grades are considered only for awarding Diploma in IT and Higher Diploma in IT.


9). If I repeat a course should I wait till the next academic year to re sit for the examination?

Yes, you should re-sit at the next academic year.


Last updated on 21st October, 2019