Frequently Asked Questions

1. FAQ



1). What is BIT@UCSC?

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (External Degree) conducted by the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)


2). Who is giving the certifications?

  • BIT degree certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma certificates are issued by the University of Colombo. BIT Degree Programme is managed by the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC).


3). What are the responsibilities of the UCSC on BIT?

  • Student Registrations, Examinations, Projects, Issuing results and managing the Convocation and Award ceremony and all other student related matters are handled by the UCSC.


4). What are the advantages of doing BIT?

  • Ability to get a Diploma, Higher Diploma and a Degree in IT in a one programme.
  • Ability to study while working.
  • Recognition of the certificates, issued by the University of Colombo.
  • High salary, once completed.
  • Assignments can be done, through Internet at home or work place or institute.
  • Affordable course fee.
  • Availability of Easy payment methods.
  • Flexibility of duration to complete the degree.
  • For Sri Lankans living abroad, we charge the fee in local currency.
  • Exams may be conducted in overseas (if a reasonable number of students have applied).


5). Does UCSC conduct classes for BIT?

No. However, lecture notes, other online resources and e-facilitation are available via BIT VLE.


6). I don’'t need a degree. Can I do your Diploma?

  • courses and get the Diploma Yes, you can.
  • You need to register for BIT and complete the 1st year.


7). How much should I spend for the Diploma?

Please refer online at FEES & PAYMENT METHODS for the current fees.


8). Can I pay the Diploma fee in installments?

  • Total fee need not be paid at once.

  • This total fee is divided into convenient installments.

  • This is the most economical IT degree available in the country.

  • Please refer online at FEES & PAYMENT METHODS for the current fees.


      9). I am a foreign student living in Sri Lanka. Can I do the BIT?

      • Yes, you can do.
      • For foreign students, course fee is not the same as the local student fee. Contact the External Degrees Centre.


      10). What is EDC?

      • External Degrees Centre (EDC) of the UCSC is the administrative office of the BIT degree program.
      • Students can visit and contact the EDC (BIT Office) staff, regarding the matters related to the Entry Qualifications, Applications, New Registrations, Renewal of Registrations, BIT ID cards, Examinations, Admission Cards, Certificates, Convocation and Award Ceremony, Letters, Appeals, Photographs and many other needs.
      Phone: 0114 720 511/ 512
      Address: University of Colombo School of Computing, UCSC Building Complex, 35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 00700.


      11). How can I get the Student Handbook?

      The Student Handbook is available in the BIT website (http://www.bit.lk/) and the VLE for BIT (http://vle.bit.lk/).


      Last updated on 21st October, 2019