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BIT Applications

1). Can I start the BIT any time of the year? Can I register for the BIT in the middle of an academic year?

  • BIT Applications will be open during October to January.
  • BIT registrations will be held only at the beginning of each year only.
  • Only during the registration period, you are allowed to register for BIT.
  • No, you are not allowed to register for the BIT in the middle of the year.


2). When do the new intakes start?

  • Academic year starts in January of each year.
  • Applications are called in October of the previous year.
  • Students are registered for a one year period, from 01st January to 31st December.


3). When can I apply for BIT Degree program?

  • Applicants have to apply using the online application form published in the BIT Web Site.
  • New Student Registration usually starts in October.


4). How can I get applications?

  • Printed Applications are not available.
    Students should fill the Online Application Form available at the BIT web site (http://bit.lk) and then print and send the application along with the payment voucher to the EDC by post or by hand.


5). How much is the Application Fee? How can I make the application fee?

  • For the year 2019, Application Processing Fee is Rs. 1,000/=.
  • Pay this amount using the payment voucher available with the Online Application to any branch of the Peoples Bank and send to us with the Printed Application Form.


6). Do you give me a reference number?

  • Yes, when filling the Application, it generates an Online Application Number (starts with 19L…….).
  • Please note down and quote this number for future references.


7). Do I have to send any other documents with the Application Form?

  • You need to send only the Printed Application Form and the Payment Voucher to EDC.


8). Do I need to send my certificates?

  • Don’t send any original documents.
  • When filling the Online Application, you are asked to upload the following documents to the system.
  • Please scanned the documents and keep it in a pen drive to upload when requesting.
  • Documents to upload : National Identity Card (NIC), Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if applicable), A/L certificate, O/L certificate(s), FIT certificate (if applicable), Affidavit (if applicable) etc..


9). What is the address to send the Applications? Do I have to come in person to the BIT office to handover the Application? Can I post the application?

  • External Degrees Centre of the UCSC, No. 35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 00700.
  • No. You can also send someone else with the Application and the Payment Voucher.
  • Yes, you can send by post to the address given above.


Last updated on 21st October, 2019