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Bit re-registration

1). The date of Re-registration deadline is passed. Now, how much I need to pay?

  • If the Re-registration deadline is passed you need to pay the Re-registration Fee and the relevant surcharge to renew your Registration. Even with the surcharge, a Re-registration can be given for a certain period only. If the period is over, all the late Re-registration requests have to be forwarded for the Board of Study (EEP) for consideration.


2). Can I do the Renewal, without coming to the BIT office?

  • Yes. Send your BIT ID Card and the Registration fee payment voucher (EDC copy) to EDC (BIT office) by post. Also, you can send some other person with the relevant documents on behalf of you.


3). Can I collect a confirmation letter without registration?

  • No, EDC can issue a confirmation letter for you, if you are a registered student for this year only.


Last updated on 21st October, 2019