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BIT Programme Structure

1). What is a “Level” in BIT Programme?

  • The BIT programme consists of three Levels, namely: Level I, Level II and Level III. Level I is the first year programme; Level II is the second year programme, and Level III is the third year programme.


2). How many semesters are in BIT Programme?

  • Total 6 semesters


3). What is my academic year?

  • Academic year, starts on 01st January and Ends on 31st December.


4). How are the semesters planned?

  • For each semester, you have 15 weeks (approximately, 4 months) of study period and in the 5th month, Semester Exams will be held.


5). How are the semesters labeled?

    • Level I (year 1), semester 1 and 2

    • Level II (year 2), semester 3 and 4

    • Level III (year 3), semester 5 and 6


    6). How is the Academic year 1 planned?

    • Study Period for Sem.1 : January to April (15 weeks semester)
    • Sem.1 Exams : May
    • Study Period for Sem.2 : May to Sep (15 weeks)
    • Exams for Sem.2 : September/October


    7). Which grade is considered for a pass, if I repeat a course?

    • At maximum, a “C” grade is considered for a pass.


    8). What is an attempt?

    • Attempts are counted starting from the initial registration year for a particular Level.

    • An attempt is counted, although you did not apply or sit or absent for the course examination.


    9). How many attempts do I have, to complete a level?

    • There are only 3 attempts to complete any Level of the BIT Programme.

    • It means you have to complete a level within three consecutive years.


    10). Which syllabus and regulations are effective for me to award my Degree?

    • Syllabus and the Regulations of the year in which you are completing the Degree will be effective for awarding the Degree for you.


    11). Where can I find more details about BIT?


    12). What is the SLQF level for BIT?

    • BIT is SLQF Level 5 degree programme (90 Credits - three academic years).

    • It is a degree in Information Technology in the domain of computing based on the IEEE-ACM curriculum.

    • It is NOT an honors degree (SLQF level 6).


    Last updated on 21st October, 2019