Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is BIT@UCSC?
  2. Who is giving the certifications?
  3. What are the responsibilities of the UCSC on BIT?
  4. What are the advantages of doing BIT?
  5. Does UCSC conduct classes for BIT?
  6. I don’t need a degree. Can I do your Diploma?
  7. How much, should I spend for the Diploma?
  8. Can I pay the Diploma fee in installments?
  9. I am a foreign student living in Sri Lanka. Can I do the BIT?
  10. What is EDC?
  11. How can I get the Student Handbook?


  1. What is the Main Entry Qualification (Admission Requirements) for the BIT?
  2. Is there any other Entry Qualifications for the BIT?
  3. I haven’t passed GCE A/L. How can I join BIT?
  4. Can I apply for BIT, with some other qualifications?
  5. Do I have to sit for a Selection Test?
  6. Can I apply for BIT with pending A/L result?
  7. Do I have to pass GCE O/L s to join the BIT@UCSC programme?
  8. I don’t have C passes for O/L English and Maths. Can I join BIT?


  1. Can I start the BIT any time of the year? (Can I register for the BIT in the middle of an academic year?)
  2. When do the new intakes start?
  3. When can I apply for BIT Degree program?
  4. How can I applications?
  5. How much is the Application Fee? How can I make the application fee?
  6. Do you give me a reference number?
  7. Do I have to send any other documents with the Application Form?
  8. Do I need to send my certificates?
  9. What is the address to send the Applications? Can I handover the application to the office? Do I have to come personally to the BIT office to handover the Application?


  1. Do I get the BIT registration definitely, after filling the Online Application?
  2. What are the documents required for the BIT Registration?
  3. Once registered for the BIT programme, what are the benefits that the UCSC provides for me?
  4. If I register for BIT, am I allowed to register for any other degree?
  5. During the degree can I skip my registration?
  6. Within how many years, should I complete the degree?
  7. Can I get a Class after repeating courses?
  8. How much does BIT programme cost me?
  9. Can I make the programme fee in installments?


  1. Within how many years can I complete the BIT Degree?
  2. How many semesters are in BIT Programme?
  3. What is my academic year?
  4. How are the semesters planned?
  5. How are the semesters labeled?
  6. How is the Academic year 1 planned?
  7. Which mark is considered for a pass, if I repeat a course?
  8. What is an attempt?
  9. Which syllabus is effective for me to award my Diploma?
  10. Which syllabus and regulations are effective for me to award my Degree?
  11. Where can I find more details about BIT?
  12. What is the NVQ level for BIT?


  1. What is VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)?
  2. How can I get VLE access?
  3. I can’t log into my VLE. What can be the reason?
  4. Do I have to pay for the VLE access?
  5. When I log in to the VLE, am I redirected to the profile page?
  6. My personal details are incorrect in BIT VLE. How can I correct it?
  7. What is Online Facilitation and Assistance?
  8. What are the best practices in posting to forums?
  9. Can I access the VLE courses or sit for BIT examinations after completing my degree?
  10. If I have to repeat some courses and need to access the relevant course materials in VLE (LMS) do I have to pay to access VLE (LMS)?
  11. Why am I not getting any e-mails regarding forum posting?
  12. I have applied for BIT with pending A/L results. Can I have access to VLE (LMS)?
  13. How to complain about VLE content, questions and services?
  14. What is the best e-learner award?
  15. What is the criteria for selecting candidates for best e learner award?
  16. How can I find solutions for the past papers given in the VLE (LMS)?
  17. What is the benefit of using forums for my studies?


  1. The date of Re-registration deadline is passed. Now, how much I need to pay?
  2. Can I do the Renewal, without coming to the BIT office?
  3. Can I collect a confirmation letter without registration?


  1. Do I get a university ID card if I register for BIT? How much it cost for me?
  2. What is necessity of the BIT ID card?
  3. No enough space to stamp in my BIT ID card. What should I do?
  4. My BIT ID card is lost how I collect new one?


  1. How to apply for the exam?
  2. Within a semester, do I have to complete all papers of that semester?
  3. How to calculate the marks for the BIT exam MCQ papers?
  4. Do I have the GPA 2.0 to go to the next year?
  5. How much GPA, do I need to go to the next year?
  6. If I have a GPA less than 1.5, what should I do?
  7. Within How many attempts do I have to complete the degree?
  8. What will happen, if I couldn’t complete the 1st year, in 5 years period?
  9. Within how many attempts do I have to pass a course?
  10. Where can I find the BIT past papers?
  11. If I re-attempted a repeat course, will I be able to get a better grade than “C”?
  12. Is it necessary to follow all optional courses?
  13. Is the project compulsory?
  14. What is the minimum grade that should I obtain to pass a course? What is the minimum mark to pass an EN course?
  15. What is the minimum grade eligible for credit calculation? Is it C or D?
  16. Can I do semester 2 exams without doing semester 1 exams?
  17. How many credits need to be obtained for the degree? Is it necessary to have 30 credits for each year?
  18. I have pending assignments in year 2. Now I am a 3rd year student. Do I need to register for 2nd year also to complete my VLE assignments?
  19. My 2nd year GPA is more than 2, but I have a D+. Will I be able to get the HDIT?
  20. I have failed the enhancement courses. Can I collect the degree?
  21. Exam application deadline is passed. Now, how much should I pay for the exams?
  22. I can’t select my subject in exam application. What should I do?
  23. I passed e-test in last year. But I didn’t sit for the practical test. Is my e-test mark valid for this year?
  24. Without Passing all the subjects in the 1st year, can I proceed to the 2nd year?
  25. What are the criteria to get the Diploma in IT?
  26. What are the criteria to get the Higher Diploma?
  27. What are the conditions to get the BIT degree?
  28. How can I be eligible for Diploma in IT and Higher Diploma in IT?
  29. How to calculate the 1st year GPA?
  30. How is the Overall GPA calculated?
  31. Are credits of the Enhancement Courses considered for the calculation of GPA?
  32. How can I apply for re-correction of an examination?
  33. Where can I find By-Laws and Regulations of the BIT Degree?


  1. Are practice quiz marks considered for assignments?
  2. VLE Assignments & the Online Assessments, are these same or not?
  3. What is an Enhancement Course and Online Assessment?
  4. What is an enhancement course?
  5. What is an online assessment?
  6. What is the duration of the online assessment?
  7. What is the pass mark of the online assessment?
  8. How can I know the result of the online assessment?
  9. What is an online assignment?
  10. Where can I find the assignments?
  11. What is the structure of questions of online assignment?
  12. What is the best way of answering questions in Assignments?
  13. What is the criterion to complete the VLE (LMS) assessments satisfactorily for a given year?
  14. What are 'grades' in assignments?
  15. How can I know the result of the online assignments?
  16. We can review our assignments soon after the completion. But when we closed it, there's no option to review it again. Why can't we review our assignment questions more than once?
  17. If I have successfully completed the VLE (LMS) assignments, but have to repeat some courses, do I have to re-attempt the VLE (LMS) assignments as well?
  18. If I do not complete all the VLE assignments successfully what would be the effect?
  19. If I failed any VLE assignment in a previous year, do I have to pay again to access the VLE related that academic year?
  20. Can I discuss VLE assignment question in the forums?
  21. I passed the VLE assignment in the last year. But my subject is repeated. Do I need to re-do the assignment again?
  22. Can I discuss VLE assignment questions in the forums?
  23. What happens when a VLE assignment question is wrong?


  1. How can I find required main reading books for a course?
  2. How can I find past paper?
  3. How can I find solutions for past papers which are in VLE (LMS)?
  4. Are practice quiz marks considered for assignments?
  5. What is the benefit of using forums for my studies?
  6. Where can I find the necessary information about BIT exam application forms, payments, time tables, results, etc.
  7. I am already registered for Year 2 or 3. Do I have to register again for Year 1 or 2 to repeat courses from that year(s)?
  8. Do you consider VLE (LMS) assignment marks for the GPA?
  9. If I repeat a course should I wait till the next academic year to re sit for the examination?


  1. Can I pursue a BIT External Degree while pursuing another degree?
  2. Can I exit BIT degree while studying?


  1. How to get a transcript?
  2. How to collect letters?
  3. How to collect BIT certificates?
  4. Payment for certificates?
  5. Where can I find more details about BIT?

Last updated on 21st October, 2019