1. FAQ

1.6. VLE(LMS)


1). What is VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)?

  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an online system that is designed to support teaching and learning activities via the Internet. Using this VLE you can access resources (teaching materials, past papers etc.) to learn BIT courses online. In addition, you can communicate with other students and facilitators through forums and chat sessions. You are required to submit your online assignments and assessments through VLE. A few years back, VLE was called LMS (Learning Management System).


2). How can I get VLE access?

  • For all the newly registered students of BIT, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) access is given for Level I. It may take 1-2 weeks to activate the VLE (LMS) after registration.

  • For Level II and Level III students, VLE will be activated once they renew their registrations.

  • If the students need to access the online courses in the VLE of previous years, it will be only activated at their request, free of charge. You are highly advised to request VLE access for any previous years, at the time of re-registration.

  • If 1-2 weeks after registration, the student still can't access the required online courses in the VLE, please send an emil to admin@vle.bit.lk with your registration details.


3). I can'’t log into my VLE. What can be the reason?

  • You might not have registered to use the VLE (LMS) for this academic year. Please contact EDC (BIT office) to find details about registration. It may take 1-2 weeks to activate the VLE (LMS) after registration.
  • Contact no : 0114720511
  • Fax : 0112501321
  • e-mail : aredc@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk


4). Do I have to pay for the VLE access?

  • No, you are given VLE access for the year registered, once you registered/renewed. If you need to access VLE permission for a previous year, you have to make a special request for that, in the payment voucher. VLE is given free of charge for the previous year.


5). When I log in to the VLE, am I redirected to the profile page?

  • This is because the VLE doesn'’t have your email address. To add the email address, go to your profile page, add a valid email address to your profile and click on Update Profile. Once done, within 20 minutes a confirmation mail will be sent to your new email address. Click on the activation link available in that mail to confirm your new email address.


6). My personal details are incorrect in BIT VLE. How can I correct it?

  • Students are allowed to edit the personal information on the profile page except the first name and the surname. Provide the correct information on the profile page and click on Update Profile. If the first name and the surname are incorrect, then inform the VLE administrator via admin@vle.bit.lk. Students are highly requested to update the correct email address if it is not provided.


7). What is Online Facilitation and Assistance?

  • Online Assistance is a special service given to the registered BIT students who follow online courses. You can use this service to find answers for both academic and non-academic problems encountered when you access courses.

  • There are full time facilitators for Level I and Level II courses. You can contact them through VLE (LMS) by sending messages or posting your problems in respective forums. It is always better to post messages in forums rather than sending individual messages or emails.

  • Regarding system access related questions, you can send messages to the VLE (LMS) Administrator. You can contact the VLE administrator via admin@vle.bit.lk

  • If you are unable to find answers in any of the above methods, you can contact the staff of the e-Learning Centre during working hours. (Phone: 0112 591 080)


8). What are the best practices in posting to forums?

  • Before starting a new thread, go through the other posts with the same/similar topics. You may find that it makes more sense to reply to the existing thread rather than starting a new one. This helps to keep information organized and cuts down on repetitive discussions.
  • When posting a new thread, try to make the title reflect on the topic of your thread. This makes sorting and searching the forum much easier for the participants.
  • Forum discussion should not include the content directly copy pasted from a website. If you want to refer to a particular website it would be better to provide the link as a reference. Inside the post, you can say why you think that the link is very useful or helpful for you and for others.


9). Can I access the VLE courses or sit for BIT examinations after completing my degree?

  • No, once you are awarded the degree you cannot access the VLE or any courses you had not done or passed before.


10). If I have to repeat some courses and need to access the relevant course materials in VLE (LMS) do I have to pay to access VLE (LMS)?

  • Yes, you have to pay, even you had passed the VLE (LMS) before.
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    11). Why am I not getting any e-mails regarding forum posting?

    • Reason 1: You may not have subscribed to those forums.
    • Reason 2: You might not have updated your profile by adding your current email address.
    • Please remember to fill the description on the profile page so that others can get to know you.


    12). I have applied for BIT with pending A/L results. Can I have access to VLE (LMS)?

    • No. You can have access to the VLE (LMS) only after your registration. Till then you can study on your own or with an institute.


    13). How can I complain about VLE content, questions and services?

    • Please contact the relevant facilitator of the course, through a forum, VLE private message or email.

    • If it is a system related problem, please contact the VLE admin directly by using the email admin@vle.bit.lk

    • If not satisfied with the reply to queries, contact the coordinator of the e-Learning Centre. (elc@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk).


    14). What is the best e-Learner award?

    • This award is given at the annual diploma or graduation ceremony for the most active student in the Virtual Learning Environment. Online assignment marks and the active participation of the students in the forum discussions will be considered when selecting the most suitable student. In addition, he/ she should receive the diploma in the relevant academic year without any repeat subjects.


    15). What is the criteria for selecting candidates for the best e-Learner award?

    • Following conditions are evaluated by the academic board when selecting the most suitable candidate for the best e-Learner award;
    • - Number of postings in the discussion forums in each course separately (as indicated in the "“most active forum user"” in each course)
      - Quality of posting in the discussion forums in each course in the semester
      - First time registration for the course (Repeat students will not be qualified)
      - Qualify to receive the diploma of the relevant academic year


    16). How can I find solutions for the past papers given in the VLE (LMS)?

    • Past papers and answers of each course are available in the "Past Papers" course.


    17). What is the benefit of using forums for my studies?

    • You can post, subject related questions, new information that you have found related to the subject and other important details, into forums. Then, others can answer the questions or add more information to that post. The best way to post into forums is to post your question or information into the forum which is under the related lesson. You can also share ideas by replying to other forum posts with your comments.


    Last updated on 21st October, 2019