Second Year Testing Procedure

Testing of Semester 3 & 4 (Procedure)

There are two testing levels in BIT courses. During the course, there are learning assignments as learning activities through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Final tests are carried out at the end of semester and students must apply them in advance.

Year 2 consists of two semesters and one semester has 5 courses (two compulsory and three optional). Each course consists of two assignments of the course. Student must obtain pass grade for the assignments in each course in order to complete learning assignments successfully.


A candidate will be offered HDIT (Higher Diploma in Information Technology) if he/she has obtained the GPA of 2.0 of the final testing (semester 3 and 4 examinations) and has successfully completed learning assignments in the semester 3 and 4 .

Calculation of score for assignments in a course

Assignmentm1 – It covers the first half of the syllabus.
Assignment 2 – It covers the second half of the syllabus.


Rules and conditions

  • 10 random questions taken from a test bank, covering the relevant sections of the syllabus
  • Question Type: MCQ with single or multiple answers, True/False questions, Matching pairs questions
  • Randomization:
    • The questions are shuffled
    • Choices are also shuffled
  • Each question carries equal marks (10 Marks for correct answer, and negative marks for wrong answers but 0 is the minimum mark for a question)
  • Number of attempts: Limited to 3 attempts; the best score will be selected for the final calculation of the grade.


Calculation of Negative Marks

  • Maximum mark for a question: 10
  • Minimum mark for a question: 0 (irrespective of negative scores)

The summation of scores of all correct answers in a question should be +10 (plus ten) and the summation of scores of all negative answers should be -10 (minus ten). However, the minimum mark is 0.

No. of Correct choices marked = X ,

No. of Wrong choices marked = Y

Total number of correct answers = Z

if Z ≠ 5 :

Score = Max {[X/Z]*10 + [Y/(5-Z)]*(-10), 0}

if Z = 5 :

Score = X/Z*10

Final mark for the assignment =

40% of Assignment 1 + 60% of Assignment 2


Pass mark for the assignment in a course = 50

Student should obtain at least a pass grade for all the assignments in the Semester 3 and Semester 4 in order to successfully complete the learning assignments.

Practice Quiz

Each section in a course page of VLE contains a practice quiz of few key questions with respect to number of hours in the section. It carries no marks for the assignment.

Summative Testing - Semester 3 and 4

Summative testing is the semester examination held at the end of each semester. Each course consists of two hour question paper with two parts.

Part 1 - MCQ paper (approximately one hour with 20 - 25 questions)

Part 2 - Structured questions (approximately one hour)

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