1. FAQ


Bit Registration

1). Do I get the BIT registration definitely, after filling the Online Application?

  • No. Not definitely.
  • After submitting the Printed Application, UCSC will call you for the BIT Registration to check your qualifications.
  • You are requested to forward the original certificates and other documents to the EDC.
  • If the UCSC is satisfied with your qualifications, you are given the BIT Registration as a BIT 1st year student for a one year period.


2). What are the documents required for the BIT Registration?

  • National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if applicable), Affidavit (if applicable)
  • A/L certificate, O/L certificate(s), FIT certificate (if applicable)
  • 2 Photographs (Coloured Passport sized)
  • 1st year Registration Fee (Rs. 3,000/=)
  • 9”x4” Self Addressed Envelope


3). Once registered for the BIT programme, what are the benefits that the UCSC provides for me?

  • BIT Student ID Card
  • BIT Student Handbook
  • VLE access for the year 1 (From the VLE you can access the course materials, past papers with answers, practice quizzes, assignments, can discuss with facilitators, discussion forums and many other facilities)


4). If I register for BIT, am I allowed to register for any other degree?

  • Yes, there is no such restriction. BIT registration will not restrict you enrolling for any other degree.


5). During the degree can I skip my registration?

  • Yes, you can skip your registration and reregister in the next year, but you have to make the arrears of registration fees. But you are given only 5 years of time to complete a level of the program (any single academic year).


6). Within how many years, should I complete the degree?

    • You should complete each level of the program within 4 consecutive years.


    7). Can I get a Class after repeating courses?

    • If you meet the criteria for a Class, within 6 consecutive years, you can obtain a class.


    8). How much does BIT programme cost me?

    • Total Fee is approximately Rs. 70,000/= to the university, to complete the BIT degree. Conditions apply.


    9). Can I make the programme fee in installments?

    • Total programme fee does not need to be paid at once.
    • This total fee is divided into convenient installments.
    • This is the most convenient payment method for a IT degree available in the country. (Application Fee- 1000/=, 1st year Registration Fee-3000/=, Semester 1 Exams Fees: 7800/=, Sem.2 Exams Fees: 5200/= etc.)
    • Please refer the Fees and Payments; in the Student Handbook


    Last updated on 16th July, 2018