1. FAQ


Bit exams

1). How to apply for the exam?

  • Usually, 2 months before the semester exams, EDC will announce the calling of Exam Applications, through the BIT web site and the VLE.

  • Students are necessary to fill the Online Exams Application through the Link available, by selecting the required semester, exam papers and the preferred centre to sit for the exams. Once completed the Online Exam Application, print the (system generated) Payment Vouchers, then make the payments to any branch of Peoples Bank and upload the scanned or clear photo image of the Payment Voucher (endorsed by the bank) to the system. Thereafter, the system allows you to print the Exam Application. All the students are required to send the printed and signed Exam Application and the Payment Voucher to EDC before the closing date.


2). Within a semester, do I have to complete all papers of that semester?

  • No. You can select any one or more papers from the available papers.

  • But, remember that, to get the Diploma, you need to pass all year 1 papers and year 1 assignments.

  • And, to get the Higher Diploma, you need to pass all year 2 papers and assignments.


3). How to calculate the marks for the BIT exam MCQ papers?

  • Marks for the BIT exam MCQ paper is calculated somewhat similar to the way marks given for the VLE assignments. You will get negative marks for the wrong answers marked in the exam paper.

  • You can find more details about the BIT exam MCQ paper marking scheme for here.


4). Do I have the GPA 2.0 to go to the next year?

  • No not necessary.


5). How much GPA, do I need to go to the next year?

  • If you have the minimum GPA, 1.5 you are qualified to go to the next year.


6). If I have a GPA less than 1.5, what should I do?

  • If your (1st year or 2nd year) GPA is less than 1.5, you cannot go to the next year. You are allowed to be registered for the same academic year only.


7). Within How many attempts do I have to complete the degree?

  • There is no limit, but you can to complete a specific level (eg: year 1) within 5 years of time.


8). What will happen, if I couldn’t complete the 1st year, in 5 years period?

  • UCSC will not allow you to do any 1st year exams in the 6th year. Therefore, you may not able to complete the 1st year as well as the degree. Therefore, there is no point of continuing it further.


9). Within how many attempts do I have to pass a course?

  • There is no limit, but you have to complete a specific level within 5 years of time.


10). Where can I find the BIT past papers?

  • Past papers have been published in the BIT VLE. MCQ past papers are published with their answers and Structured past papers are published with the model answers.


11). If I re-attempted a repeat course, will I be able to get a better grade than “C”?

  • Yes, you can.

  • However, when calculating the GPA, a grade that you obtained will be considered and the maximum of a ‘C’ grade is taken for the calculation of Class GPA.


12). Is it necessary to follow all optional courses?

  • Optional courses are available in the 3rd year only. You are allowed sit for all or any number of optional papers in the 3rd year. For the GPA calculation, we take the grades of best 2 optional papers only.


13). Is the project compulsory?

  • Yes, Software Development Project in the 3rd year is a compulsory course needed to be passed to complete BIT degree.


14).What is the minimum grade that should I obtain to pass a course? What is the minimum mark to pass an EN course?

  • To PASS a course you need to get a minimum Grade C.

  • To PASS an Enhancement course you need to get PASS.

  • EN courses are given only PASS or FAIL. If you have obtained lower than grade C (e.g. C-) for a course you are required to repeat that course to obtain the Diploma or Higher Diploma Certificate. However, without repeating you can still obtain the degree if you fulfil the degree criteria.


15). What is the minimum grade eligible for credit calculation? Is it C or D?

  • Grade D.


16). Can I do semester 2 exams without doing semester 1 exams?

  • Yes. At the first registration, you are given the registration for the 1st year.

  • Whether, you do or not the semester 1 exams, you are allowed to sit for semester 2 exams.


17). How many credits need to be obtained for the degree? Is it necessary to have 30 credits for each year?

  • At least 90 credits need to be earned you need earn, to obtain the degree.
  • Yes, One of the criteria to complete the BIT degree is, you are necessary to have at least 30 credits for each of the three years.


18). I have pending assignments in year 2. Now I am a 3rd year student. Do I need to register for 2nd year also to complete my VLE assignments?

  • You are a 3rd year student means, you have registered for the 3rd year only.
  • But, we allows you to do any 1st year or 2nd year papers or VLE assignments without registering for the 1st or 2nd year. 1st year or/and 2nd year VLE access is given free of charge on your request. You need to pay the relevant exam fees when applying for repeat exam papers.


19). My 2nd year GPA is more than 2, but I have a D+. Will I be able to get the HDIT?

  • No.
  • To get the HDIT, you need to pass all 2nd year papers and the VLE assignments.


20). I have failed the enhancement courses. Can I collect the degree?

  • No.
  • One of the criteria to complete the BIT degree is, all Enhancement courses are compulsory to be passed.


21). Exam application deadline is passed. Now, how much should I pay for the exams?

  • If the deadline is passed, you need to pay the exam fees with the surcharge. Please refer the Fees and Payments; in the Student Handbook


22). I can’t select my subject in exam application. What should I do?

  • If your required subject cannot be selected or not available in the Online Exam Application, inform the EDC, immediately. They will correct it soon.


23). I passed e-test in last year. But I didn’t sit for the practical test. Is my e-test mark valid for this year?

  • No. e-test marks will not be carried out to the next year.
  • No practical tests in future. Instead of practical tests you need to sit for a one hour MCQ papers for all EN courses.
  • If you failed the e-test or the practical test, you are necessary to sit for both one hour MCQ paper and the e-test (Online Assessment) available after the exam, within 2 weeks period in VLE, within the same year.


24). Without Passing all the subjects in the 1st year, can I proceed to the 2nd year?

  • Yes, if you have a minimum of 1.5 GPA then you can proceed to the 2nd year.


25).What are the criteria to get the Diploma in IT?

  • To be qualified to get the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT);
  • You need to pass all year 1 (10) courses
  • Pass all year 1 VLE assessments
  • Year 1 GPA must be 2.0 or above


26). What are the criteria to get the Higher Diploma?

  • To be qualified to get the Higher Diploma in Information Technology (HDIT);
  • You need to pass all year 2 (9) courses
  • Pass all year 2 VLE assessments
  • Year 2 GPA must be 2.0 or above
  • Has obtained the DIT


27).What are the conditions to get the BIT degree?

  • You are eligible to get the BIT Degree, if you have;
  • a minimum of 90 Credits with at least 30 Credits from each of the three years
  • at least C grade or pass mark for at least 20 credits from each year
  • a minimum Overall GPA of 2.00 in the three years
  • a grade not inferior to a C for the third year Individual Project
  • a grade not inferior to D for all other courses
  • a pass mark for all enhancement courses


28). How can I be eligible for Diploma in IT and Higher Diploma in IT?

  • You should pass all the courses and the assignment component of each course in the relevant year. Please refer the Student Handbook.


29). How to calculate the 1st year GPA?

  • Multiply the credits and the GPV for all the 1st year subjects and add those values.
  • Credits for 1st year courses, Refer the 1st year course structure table in the Hand Book.
  • GPV for A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, E = 0 etc. (Refer the GPV table in the Hand Book) Divide the Total of that value from the Total (non GPA) credits of the 1st year.


Last updated on 16th July, 2018