Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the admission requirements for BIT?
  2. Can I start BIT any time?
  3. If I start BIT during the middle of an academic year what about assignments & exams?
  4. If I follow BIT, am I allowed to register for other degrees?
  5. If I was unable to register for the first semester of an academic year, can I start from next semester?
  6. What is an attempt?
  7. Within how many attempts do I have to complete the degree?
  8. Which mark is considered when I repeat a course?
  9. Can I get a Class after repeating courses?
  10. Within how many years do I have to complete the degree?
  11. During the degree can I skip my registration?
  12. If I do not maintain the bit student registration can I continue the future?
  13. Can I apply for BIT with pending A/L results?
  14. Where can I find more details about BIT?

   Using VLE (LMS)

  1. What is Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?
  2. I cannot log into the VLE (LMS)
  3. If I don’t complete all the VLE (LMS) assignments successfully what would be the effect?
  4. Can I access the VLE (LMS) courses or sit for BIT examinations after completing my degree?
  5. Do I have to pay to access VLE (LMS)?
  6. If I failed any VLE (LMS) assignment in a previous year do I have to pay again to access the VLE (LMS) regarding that academic year?
  7. If I have to repeat some courses and need to access the relevant course materials in VLE (LMS) do I have to pay to access VLE (LMS)?
  8. What is the criterion to complete the VLE (LMS) assessments satisfactorily for a given year?
  9. If I have successfully completed the VLE (LMS) assignments, but have to repeat some courses, do I have to re-attempt the VLE (LMS) assignments as well?
  10. I cannot see all the topics in my course. What I should do for that?
  11. What are the best practices in posting to forums?
  12. Why am I not getting any e-mails regarding forum posting?
  13. What is Online Facilitation and Assistance?
  14. I have applied for BIT with pending A/L results. Can I have access to VLE (LMS)?
  15. What happens when a VLE assignment question is wrong?
  16. How to complain about VLE content, questions and services?

   BIT Exams

  1. What is the minimum grade should I obtained to pass a course?
  2. Within a semester, do I have to complete all courses?
  3. Without attempting all subjects in the 1st year, can I proceed to the 2nd year?
  4. If I reattempt a repeat course will I be able to get a better grade than ‘C’?
  5. Within how many attempts do I have to pass a course?
  6. I am already registered for Year 2 or 3. Do I have to register again for Year 1 or 2 to repeat courses from that year(s)?
  7. Do you consider VLE (LMS) assignment marks for the GPA?
  8. Is it necessary to follow all optional courses?
  9. Is it compulsory to sit for a repeat course again?
  10. If I repeat a course should I wait for next academic year to re sit for the examination?
  11. Where can I find the necessary information about BIT exam application forms, payments, time tables, results, etc...?


  1. How can I find required main reading books for a course?
  2. How can I find past papers?
  3. How can I find solutions for past papers which are in VLE (LMS)?
  4. Are practice quiz marks considered for assignments?
  5. We can review our assignments soon after the completion. But when we closed it, there's no option to review it again. Why can't we review our assignment questions more than once?
  6. What the grades mean in assignments?
  7. What is the best way for answering questions in Assignments?
  8. What is the benefit of using forums for my studies?